Sunday, 14 December 2014

Studio-Related Props

We are delighted to once again further our collection with a selection of items that would have belonged to crew members of the studio.

Our first arrival is a set of no less than TEN storyboards from series seven.
Original artworks would have been scanned after completion and distributed amongst the whole creative department so that the shots that were planned could be replicated visually. Sadly, almost all of this original artwork is binned. The storyboards we possess are not originals, but copies that would have belonged to one of the crew. They are, however, very detailed and interesting pieces.

Next, we have two items that were gifts to the crew after production ceased on series six in 2002.
The body warmer is a particularly interesting piece, being embroidered with the images of Thomas himself and Jack the front loader - one of series six's newcomers.

Additionally, we also have a "Gullane" yo-yo, that accompanied the body warmer. Decorated with a classic Thomas image on one side, and the series logo on the other, the yo-yo was presented in a very special Gullane casing to protect the item.

We expect these items to be our last acquisitions for 2014.

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